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Mental Health Makes Major Difference in Recovery Process

We are hearing a lot more about mental health these days, and that’s an excellent step in the right direction. For so long, mental health problems have been swept under the rug, with so many people suffering silently because of the stigma and shame associated with depression, anxiety, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and many […]

How Does Drug & Alcohol Intervention Work?

Interventions have been made popular through Hollywood movies and popular television series. We have all seen the stories whereby substance abusers arrive home and are confronted by their loved ones with individual letters discussing how their substance abuse has impacted their lives. In the movies, they are emotionally overwhelmed by what their loved ones have […]

5 Most Common Co-occurring Disorders With Addiction

It seems as if certain conditions always come hand in hand. For instance, people who are diagnosed with diabetes often also have heart disease. And people who have asthma usually also have allergies. Within the world of addiction, something very similar happens. It is incredibly common for people who abuse a substance to also have […]

Different Forms Of Substance Abuse Treatment

Every substance abuse case is different. People turn to substances for the first time for different reasons, experience a pathway to addiction in different ways, and have different responses to their addiction. Because of this, there is no one size fits all treatment option that works in all cases either. A number of types of […]