Coventry Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Addiction is a chronic, progressive disease that, if not treated and managed, is often fatal. Those who suffer from an addictive disorder know like no other how hard it is to come to terms with the fact that they have a problem, and that they require treatment. Seeking that treatment is a huge step, and one that is never taken lightly. People who are addicted are usually not able to handle the daily stressors of life, and this means that the work required to identify the best recovery program may be too much of a daunting task as well. Fortunately, with the health care industry now recognizing that addiction is a disease and a mental health disorder that requires treatment, it is actually easier than ever to find help to achieve sobriety.

Insurance companies across the country have finally realized that there is a real need for addiction treatment. Statistics show that addiction is on the rise, and that it is now affecting population groups across the board as well, particularly, young Americans. Addiction is a cycle that causes increasingly bad mental and behavioral health problems. Luckily, because of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, it is now possible for everybody to enroll in insurance plans that cover addiction treatment. This often includes inpatient and outpatient treatment, and also prescription treatments and mental health treatment. This means that, for millions of people, there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel and some help for them to achieve sobriety.

Impact of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act has brought some significant changes to our health care system over the past few years. One area that has completely changed is how insurance companies offer their services, and this means that the policies of those who have insurance are completely different as well. As an American citizen, you absolutely must ensure that you truly and completely understand your policy. If you are sick or ill, if you go through some sort of crisis, or if you find yourself addicted to a substance, you need to know what your insurance carrier will cover. The reality is that the insurance company you are with and the type of plan that you chose will have a huge impact on the services that you will be able to access. If your carrier is Coventry, then it is likely that your plan will also cover treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.

It is frightening to contact addiction centers and your insurance company if you know that you need help with an addiction or dependency. This is true whether you need help for yourself, or for someone you care about. It is normal to feel anxiety, confusion, and even fear. And to add to that, you will likely worry about how you will be able to pay for treatment and whether or not your insurance company will help you. Unfortunately, treatment centers are becoming more expensive, and this means that most people will struggle to afford treatment unless they get some help from their insurance company.

Aetna company Coventry Health Care offers its policy holders family plans and individual coverage. Additionally, they offer business group coverage, as well as Medicaid and Medicare coverage. Some of their plans include Medicare HMO and PPO, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Point of Service (POS), Planned Provider Organization (PPO), and Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).

Conventry Health Care – An Overview

Over the years, Coventry has created a number of highly effective policies that enable customers to have a degree of peace of mind. The company offers a huge variety of services, all of them available to a range of population groups. Single people and individuals are able to sign themselves up to single policies, and there are family policies available as well. It is also possible to sign up to policies as a corporation or a business, enabling employees to receive health care coverage. Lastly, people who are enrolled in Medicaid or Medicare are also able to enroll in Coventry plans.

Support for Substance Abuse Treatment

There are times where the toughest challenges in life are not physical in nature. In fact, when people go through the hardest times during their lives, the issues tend to be mentally challenging instead. This is what people go through when they try to address a substance abuse problem such as drugs or alcohol. It can be incredibly hard to overcome this type of situation without significant and professional help. In fact, it is not recommended that people attempt to overcome this without this type of help, as it is likely to fail and often with devastating consequences. And the reality is that there is no longer any need to even consider to face it alone, since the Coventry Health Care Company is able to offer you significant support. They consider addiction treatment as a type of behavioral and mental health service, necessary to ensure people can get their life back on track.

Coverage for Treatment for Various Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

Coventry understands that it can be incredibly difficult to overcome problems like drug abuse and other types of mental health issues. Because of this, they have developed a number of different coverage options, all of which are created to also cover behavioral and mental issues. These include rehab, addictive gambling, anger management, and a range of other behavioral or mental issues. The company even offers solutions for those who require inpatient treatment. Whichever treatment option someone chooses, Coventry will provide coverage for treatment such as medication management and group therapy. They also often cover aftercare, thereby ensuring people do not return to their previous habits and relapse.

Interestingly, the Coventry Insurance Company is not the best know coverage company in our country. However, it is starting to build a wider audience because it offers such fantastic mental health services to policy holders. The policies that the company provides are some of the most extensive in terms of helping people with an addiction achieve lasting sobriety, ensuring their overall health and well being is improved and helping them regain control over their own lives.

Type of Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Detox Offered by Coventry

People who require detox and rehab often wonder which drug treatment centers are approved by Coventry Health Care, and whether there are any rehab facilities that they can go to. In short, the company covers drug and alcohol treatment. However, as with all insurance companies, there are a few details to be aware of.

The drug treatment coverage that Coventry offers ranges from partial to fully inclusive treatment, depending on your plan. There are situations in which rehab is 100% covered. Sometimes, the company only covers around 80% of the costs, and sometimes even less than that. How much is covered will depend on the treatment you are requesting, and the type of policy that you purchased.

Coventry is part of Aetna, which has developed the MHNet program. Hence, coverage for alcohol abuse and drug addiction is offered. However, not all of the plans cover both detox and rehab. It is very important, therefore, that you check your policy to understand how much you will be covered for.

The Benefits for Addiction Treatment that Coventry Offers

Through Coventry, you are able to access confidential treatment and support to deal with drug or alcohol dependency. This includes acute rehabilitation, inpatient care, group therapy, day treatment, and followup aftercare and outreach. These elements are vital towards ensuring that people can recover from their addiction. Coventry also covers treatment for co-occurring disorders, including gambling addictions, anger management, coping with loss and grief, eating disorders, anxiety, severe stress, and depression to name but a few. In order to find out exactly how much coverage you will receive, you must check your personal policy.

Can I Receive Coverage for My Whole Stay During Detox and Recovery?

This is a question that most people who require detox and recovery treatment will ask. They often find out how much coverage they have for drug treatment under their Coventry policy, but often don’t quite understand just how much this covers. Rehab treatment often requires inpatient stays for periods such as a month or even more. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as to how long your stay can be while remaining covered under your policy. Typically, however, you can expect to have a copay or coverage included that is subject to your personal deductible, as well as pre-approval.

Should I Choose Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment?

Whether someone should use inpatient or outpatient treatment is a complex question in which many different factors are important. Inpatient treatment is perhaps the best known form of rehab treatment, but other forms also exist. Intensive outpatient treatment, for instance, is also very popular.

Through Coventry Health Care, you are able to access both inpatient and outpatient rehab treatment, again depending on your personal policy. In general, the coverage extends to both types of treatment. However, you should always speak to your insurance representative in order to find out whether you are covered and, if so, for how much.

Paying for Treatment Not Covered by Coventry

Unfortunately, substance abuse treatment is expensive. Coventry will, in general, pay for the vast majority of your treatment, but it will not always pay for all of it. This can be a significant barrier for people to gain access to treatment. However, the reality is also that there are options out there for you to cover the part that your insurance company doesn’t. You could, for instance, take out a “treatment loan” through your local bank. There are also grants available through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, and a number of nonprofit organizations. The treatment center itself may also offer you some convenient payment options.

Coventry Health Care – The Provider of Choice for Rehab

When you start to look into the different options that are available for you in terms of treatment, you will often find yourself unsure about what is right for you. You need to find the option that will best help you achieve your long term goals. This can be a very difficult decision to make, not just in terms of where to go, but also in terms of how to pay for it. That said, Coventry is known to offer excellent coverage for people with these types of issues.

While Coventry offers a range of different plans, the majority of the options include at least 70% coverage of the total cost of your rehab stay. You can also decide to pay a higher premium, thereby further reducing your copayments. In fact, it may be possible to receive 100% coverage once you have met your personal deductible. You must, therefore, carefully consider which plan you want to choose. Another issue that affects the coverage you receive is the state you are in, as there are different rules and regulations. Overall, however, you will find that there are usually no limits on how much treatment you can receive each calendar year, which is one of the main things that sets Coventry apart from the majority of other insurance carriers.

On average, you will have to pay $500 for admission under coinsurance through Coventry Health Care if you require inpatient treatment. Once you have payed your admission, you will usually still have to make a small copayment as well. This is often only 20% of the total, which isn’t much. As a result, you should be able to stay in rehab for as long as you actually need to, rather than being limited to a short period of time, which is often not enough to really help you overcome your addiction.


You will also be happy to know that it isn’t difficult to find a treatment facility that is covered under Coventry Health Care. Regardless of the insurance plan you have, or the specific needs you have for treatment, help is out there for you. Making the decision to seek treatment for addiction is the most important decision you will ever make in your life.